Here is a list of the best moving companies in Denver Colorado. At Altitude Movers Denver, we want to make your move as easy as possible. Finding reputable moving companies can be a tedious task. We can help you narrow it down to a more reasonable amount of movers to sort through. Any moving company listed below will be licensed and insured with a good reputation, both in the community, and among other top Denver moving companies. The list below will only contain local moving companies and not national franchises or van lines. We plan to continue to develop resources for the community in our quest to remain one of the best moving companies in Denver Colorado.

Even The Best Moving Companies Need Licensing

In the State of Colorado, even the best moving companies in Denver are held to high standards of operation. The Colorado Public Utilities Commission, a division of the Department of Regulatory Agencies is the local regulating body of movers. The United States Department of Transportation, a division of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the other. To be issued a household goods permit from the commission, a mover must file evidence of adequate insurance and that insurance must be filed monthly to maintain active licensing. Look for a movers HHG number to know if they are licensed and insured. This basic criteria set forth by the administration keeps the community and consumers safe. The USDOT holds vehicles and drivers to certain standards that keep the community safe.

Movers Reputation

The reputation of a moving company is an important factor in whether they consistently provide good service. Being a good moving service provider is a big part of being considered one of the best moving companies in Denver. Though with a moving business, feedback is fickle. People that are moving and hire a moving company, expect that service to do a professional job with what they are being hired to do. This is one of the most attention demanding experiences that many people go through and once a service is completed, they generally begin unpacking and working to re-establish their lifestyle, not reflecting on their movers ettiquete and thinking of writing about them online. Getting good feedback requires exemplary service on a consistent basis. You can count on almost every angry client to go and leave a bad review during such a stressful time in their life, but only 1 out of 30-40 successful moves on average to leave a good review for service. Moving company service volume also plays a role in this. If a company is only doing a handful of moves weekly, versus a company that does 100 moves weekly, you can understand that the math works against them on that basis. Altitude Movers Denver help thousands of people move every year. Our satisfaction rating is over 90% and we are proud to be one of the best movers in Denver.

Here is the List of the Best Moving Companies in Denver Colorado


1. Altitude Movers Denver

Movers, Moving Companies

(720) 298-5909

Denver Movers

1615 California St.

Denver, CO 80202


Licensed and Insured

6 Years in Business

4.9 Star Online Review Average


2. DieHard Movers Denver

Movers, Moving Companies

(720) 525-3565

Moving Company

1880 Arapahoe St.

Denver, CO 80202

Licensed & Insured

5 Years in Business

4.9 Star Online Review Average


3. Fischer Van Lines Moving & Storage

Moving & Storage Service

(720) 297-9904

651 E 66th Ave

Denver, CO 80229

Licensed and Insured

13 Years in Business

4.8 Star Online Review Average



4. Move Masters

5. Alhood Van Lines

6. Local Moving LLC

7. Stallion Moving Services

Denver Moving Company, Denver Movers

8. Gentle Hands Moving

9. Student Movers

Around The Clock Movers

Denver Small Moves













The Best Moving Companies in Denver Colorado

Altitude Movers Denver

DieHard Movers Denver

Stallion Moving Services

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