moving mistakesTo most people, moving isn’t the definition of fun. Whether it’s an office move or a residential one, relocating to another address takes lots of time, effort and money.  Worse, the entire process is completely stressful. It’s even emotionally draining, especially if you realize you have made some moving mistakes. To make your move a lot easier and smoother next time, watch out for these common mistakes in moving to prepare for a less-stressed relocation.

You Think You Can Handle It On Your Own

There’s nothing wrong with DIY moving. However, if the move is too big, doing it on your own can easily become a huge mistake. A simple residential move is complicated already. If it’s a larger move, the complications are magnified.  You’ll face several pitfalls like wearing down or injuring yourself. You could damage your home or your items. There’s the looming danger of unexpected costs due to inexperience. Handling the entire moving on your own isn’t impossible, but you’ll thank yourself if you hire some help for the day.

Give yourself a break and call a moving company instead. They’ll be happy to help assess your relocation needs to allow for a smooth move.

Underestimating Everything

One of the common moving mistakes is underestimating your move. You underestimate the boxes you need. You underestimate the time needed to pack your belongings.  You underestimate your strength and end up injuring your back. Or you underestimate the importance of reading moving company reviews. It’s important to really consider the variables of your relocation.

Keep in mind, most people have quite a bit more than what they realize. It’s best to thoroughly assess all of your belongings and keep in mind any additional storage areas you have, whether it’s a shed, off-site unit, attic, garage, basement, or spare room. Understand these spaces can quickly add up both truck space and move time.

Always give yourself extra time to pack. Many people will use relocating as a chance to thoroughly go through everything they own and purge the items they no longer need or want. It’s not uncommon to get caught up reminiscing when handling trinkets, photos, and other items stashed throughout your home. It’s important to plan ahead to make sure you’re well prepared for moving day. A good moving company will also offer the services to pack you and supply boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper. This generally gets done the day before the move.

Performing research on several moving companies before making a final decision is crucial. We can’t stress enough the importance of ensuring the moving company you choose is licensed, insured, and has good reviews across different platforms. These moving reviews are often a good indication of what to expect.

Remember, it’s better to overestimate than underestimate. Your moving company will give you an estimate based on the information you described. Letting them know of any long walks, stairs, heavy items, or difficult hallways is essential for an accurate quote. Think it through, and you’ll be way more prepared to face your move.

You Forgot To Book Early

According to a report, 40 million Americans relocate each year. With such a number, traffic jams and fully-booked moving companies are bound to happen on certain months. Most moving companies get booked out early during the busy season, which is typically from May through August. It’s best to plan to book at least three weeks in advance for a slot during the week and six weeks in advance for the weekend. The weekends fill up quickly and we always recommend booking movers as soon as you have your official date.

When you’re hiring a moving company, you need to book early. Scheduling movers in advance will make it more likely you that you’ll have experienced movers instead of temporary labor. Moreover, this helps in avoiding unwanted moving mistakes.

You Trust Too Much

There’s nothing wrong about trusting people. But in order to avoid moving mistakes, take everything with a grain of salt. This applies mainly when hiring a moving company. Keep in mind that some moving companies will hold client’s items until payment is received for more than the quoted amount. Some are downright unreliable and would disappear on you on the moving day. There are others that act as vultures, milking your pockets dry.

Do your research to avoid such trauma. Read moving company reviews. Listen to what your friends say. Talk to different moving companies before deciding which one to hire.

                How to Look for A Good Moving Company?

  • Always check the company’s background. A good moving company will have a clean background.
  • Ask if the company is licensed and registered.
  • Listen closely when they give an estimate.
  • Pay attention to extra fees.
  • See if the company is insured.
  • Ask everything in writing and read every clause before signing anything.

Unlabeled Moving Boxes

One of the most headache-inducing moving mistakes you could make is not labeling your boxes. All that packing and preparation is frustrating enough. It only becomes worse when you realize you don’t know what’s inside the boxes once you reach the other end. To avoid additional trouble, clearly and concisely list the items in each box and the room it belongs in. You’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to improvise for your silverware. Both you and your movers will appreciate being able to keep pathways clear.

Having Poor Preparations

Moving mistakes usually happen when you are unprepared. You can be unprepared because you haven’t completed important tasks. Many people would act only when the move is a few days away. They think they have plenty of time to pack, hire movers and prepare other necessities like electricity, internet, or waste. Time flies when your move date approaches. When you’re moving, you need to prepare weeks or months ahead of your move. This is more convenient, as you’ll have plenty of time to get everything done and make any adjustments.

You Forgot to Inventory

You’ll certainly feel excitement watching that last box being unloaded from the truck. However, when you think that you’re missing a box or two, everything can spiral downwards. This can be avoided if you create an inventory and record your items.  Check each box as they’re loaded and unloaded from the truck. Having an inventory will give you some levels of reassurance, knowing that nothing is left behind.

You Didn’t Pack a Bag

Sometimes, we think we’re going to get more done than we actually will accomplish. This often applies to unpacking. Prepare to spend more time unpacking as you did the packing. While some people have the ability to take time off of work, others don’t have his luxury and might unpack on the as-need basis. Regardless of your situation, always pack a bag for a few days. Keep your essentials, like toiletries and medications, along with a handful of changes of clothes.

Avoiding these common moving mistakes will give you the best chance for a smooth relocation. Remember, always overestimate. Plan ahead and follow through. Keep things clear and concise, and perform plenty of research prior to selecting your moving company. Keep in mind all the fun experiences you’ll have after you’re settled in. We hope you enjoy your new home!