Statement to Google and other Search Engines

To Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines including Yelp. As well as any marketing or advertising companies and other interested parties.

We write you this letter as we’ve had some unusual obstacles that have turned into a constant battle. We hope this aids in discovery and resolution for our company as the passive hostility has taken a great toll on our business over the years.

We have had an issue with vile, unethical competitors spamming our website and other internet properties. Their attempts range from bad backlinks to bad reviews, code injection and more. We have been dealing with this ongoing assault for a couple years now and with more than one company in this niche. We’ve had the theory confirmed by search experts from Major Search Engines, and outside expertise, that this is an outside attack and not poor link maintenance by a previous marketer.

We seem to randomly receive links from bad neighborhoods and adult arenas. Same with overseas websites and foreign domain extensions. This has led to the loss of multiple domains to violations before the rise of the disavow tool and recent changes in the way Google deals with these problems.

We have also had our website “broken” several times with random bits of code and data that don’t belong and break functions and visuals.

Our Yelp account has been ‘broken’ and brought to a heightened filter level, somehow manipulated to favor negative reviews. Yelp filter contains 5 pages of reviews with nearly a full 4 of those pages being positive. We’ve had it explained to us that a competitor may have ip violated our listing or fake posted a couple positives from the same ip address in order to break it. This is a way to prevent companies growth on that vertical portal as their completely automated filter does the job in a completely automated manner for the hackers once they’ve completely broken your listing.

What does Yelp say?

Initially, Yelp talked down to our company representatives assuming we were lying and attempting to manipulate our ratings.

Years later, we’re still here and still complaining of the same issues. Yelp’s representatives have admitted things happen outside of their control. They claim the algorithm is good and does it’s best, but are unable to change anything. Perhaps one day they’ll find a way to fix their own website.

What does Google say?

It happens rarely, but it happens. Sorry if it caused a problem and we’ll help if we can. Here are resources and a guide

Thanks Google. We appreciate the dignity.



We publicly disavow any and all links from bad neighborhoods, adult arenas and foreign language domains. We do not and will not ever use sites or tactics like this to promote our website.

If it looks like spam, it’s quite unlikely to be the work of anyone associated with our company.

We encourage anyone from the technical departments of these search engines to contact us with questions regarding this and we’ll help however we can to get these issues cleared up.

What we do.

The practices we use are simple. Publishing useful and relevant information about our company and our services to internet directories and websites that fit as a forum to display our expertise or our services for the benefit of consumers everywhere.

Thank you for stopping by this page and we wish you the best in your endeavor, whatever it may be.

Team, Management, Marketing & Ownership,

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John Piccone