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Are you looking for packing and moving services? Our local moving services give you great value for a great price. Altitude Movers Denver can take care of your home and office moving efficiently and safely. Lakewood, Colorado is right next to Denver, and it is an inexpensive and a gorgeous community to boot. Edgewater and other areas by Lakewood bring low priced apartments, job opportunities even half-priced hotels. Where would be a better place to move?

If a vacation is planned for you and your family there, be sure to check out as much as possible. The need or necessity of having a moving service is negligible if one has a company that is used to average demands. What would a new move mean? In the past such things were complicated. The new mailing address had to be initiated, phones hooked-up. Any delay in reporting residency led to complications. Altitude Movers phone operators that answer customer’s needs instantaneously. It keeps state of the art cloud services; so records, reports, new titles, or important papers can be stored.

Zip codes in Lakewood, Colorado includes: 80123, 80127, 80214, 80215, 80226, 80227, 80228, 80232, 80235, 80401, and 80465.

Local Moving Services
Local Packing Services

Home and Office Moving Companies for Lakewood, Colorado

If you are in need of office moving, we can certainly help. Commercial moving with Altitude Movers is easy. Altitude Movers has offices all across the state, so the nearest office to your new residence can begin packing procedures; so an old home can be packed up, secure and left to the landlord or new owner.

Altitude Movers is more than a moving service. It is a family oriented business with ties going to American commerce and American innovation.

Offices or businesses, which want to move to Lakewood, Colorado also can use Altitude Movers. The company provides specialized boxes for office machinery, books, and paperwork. It will provide garbage disposal services, cleaning services and rapid transportation of furniture and equipment to the new office or facility.



Some links that Altitude Movers provides to clients are on their website. These include the following services:

  1. Twenty four hour assistance, either phone or transportation
  2. Internet access and computer storage. Information needed for the move is secure and unable to be removed.
  3. Financial services including insurance or searches for short-term loans.
  4. Home moving, including apartment moving
  5. Long distance moving for Colorado residents moving long distance or moving to Colorado from elsewhere.
  6. Real estate agency listings from all around the United States.
  7. Modern moving vans with veteran drivers.
  8. Piano moving service
  9. Commercial moving, including office moving
  10. Low prices. Prices are kept affordable and able to be paid by the average customer.
  11. We unpack every van and move furniture and any other items to the rooms and sites where the client prefers them. This is personalized service.

Think of the opportunity nowadays for landing a real steady job in a suburb of Denver. The family can vacation and work at the same time. The atmosphere of these communities is unparalleled to any other area that can offer good paying work. The economy is right, and there are plenty of job listings right now in Lakewood Colorado. There is no longer the necessity of worrying about how to transfer homes if you get employed. Just be assured that Altitude Movers is currently the lowest cost, most highly efficient and motivated moving company around. Look us up. With a call to our phone operators and a few conversations, your family may be on the way to a brand new beginning.

Lakewood, Colorado Moving Quote

Give a call today to get in contact with our business! We are able to provide you an entirely free moving quote on your move basing it of off of a few pieces of information you provide us with about the residential or commercial residence you are calling about. If you are in need of residential moving and will be needing help with very heavy furniture, such as a piano, let us know. We can send our piano movers to you as part of our residential moving. If we are unable to accurately quote you, perhaps your move is too big, we are able to send you an on-site estimator to your business location and have them take a look at the business or home you will be moving out of. This is entirely free for our customers and will provide us with a better understanding on the home or office we are moving you out of. Starting this procedure the right way with an accurate quote is vital to the overall moving experience. We will never give you a quote we are unsure of ourselves.

Aside from being able to call us to get a moving quote, you are also able to use the contact form or our email to get in touch. As stated above, it’s important to start off with an accurate quote. As such, please provide us with as much information as possible in regards to your move. Pieces of information we may require are square footage, number of rooms, location of move, and date of move. Our movers want nothing but the best for you, that is why we offer great customer to business communications all the way up to your move. We will send moving confirmations leading up to your move to ensure there is no confusion whatsoever and that you know your move is all going according to plan.

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by Dennis M 11/20/15 on Altitude Movers Denver

Alex and Wendall did great! Very well done.

by Jennifer C on Altitude Movers Denver
5/5 stars

Great job + Great team! Thank you!!

Worked very hard!

The guys worked very hard. I was very satisfied with the moving services. I couldn't have done it without them.

by Rebecca B on Altitude Movers Denver

My two movers, Dominic and Brian, were amazing. I have no complaints whatsoever.