Packing and moving services

After months of searching and preparing, you’ve found it, now it’s time to move. You’ve gone through several open houses, walk-throughs, and perhaps even a couple inspections. Now finally, you’ve found the home that you’ve always wanted. Packing and moving in is the next step, but it can be a stressful task.

You can’t deny the fact that packing and moving from one home to another may be difficult. As a matter of fact, as many as 60% of adults find packing and moving homes can be more stressful at times than going through a separation or getting a new job. If you could take out the pain of moving, then surely do so. Fortunately, we can help you with that!

Assess your Furniture & Other Belongings

  • What furniture do you have?
  • Is all of it necessary?
  • Which items have sentimental value?
  • Will they fit in your new home?
  • Does any of it need to be replaced?

In other words, scrutinize each piece of furniture you have and assess whether it will come with or if it has to go. If it must go, then good. Start planning on how you’ll pack it. If not, then decide how you will get rid of it. You can organize a yard sale or give it away for free either to charity or to a friend.

Start Packing Boxes Early & Get The Right Packaging Supplies

Last minute packing will only result in more trouble for the move. First, it leaves you without sufficient time for adequate planning. If you pack early, you will easily know if there are things you lack. Thus, no need to do last minute purchases during the move.

Getting the right packaging materials will ensure that your items have been packaged appropriately and safely. Most of all, it reduces your stress, knowing you’re ahead of schedule and well equipped. It will put your mind at ease knowing that you have already sorted out your stuff and everything is packed and ready when the day comes.

Avoid Weekend Summer Moves

The worst time for a move happens to be during the warmest or coldest days. This is for a number of reasons. First, summer is the peak season for packing and moving companies. More than half or moves happen during the summer season, making it a very chaotic and hectic time to secure a moving service. Furthermore, the rates are often high. Worst of all, the searing hot weather will make moving hard to bear. Thus, you should avoid moving during summer as much as possible. It would be better to move during fall where there are less traffic, cooler temperature, and more available moving schedules.

Hire A Moving Company For Your Relocation

Packing and moving come with lots of tasks and if you have other responsibilities other than these, you might end up going crazy just to tackle them all. This is why if you can afford to get one, you should hire one of your local moving companies. We are not just talking about hiring moving professionals to pack, carry and move your stuff. Cleaning the home for example. Before you move to your new house, you need to make sure it is clean and ready when you move in. When you move out, you have to ensure you leave it spotless clean for your landlord or for the next homeowner.

On the moving day, if you are moving with kids you can hire a babysitter to watch over them and keep them away from the action. The same thing can be said if you have pets. You can hire a pet sitter to make sure your pets won’t obstruct your movers. Keeping the children and pets away will allow you to focus more on your current task. That is to ensure your move is successful.

Use Linens for Packing

Packing peanuts, bubble wraps, and other packing materials are necessary to ensure the protection of your items during the transit. The problem is that they can cost you a fortune. Fortunately, your home is full of free packing materials. You can use bed linens, blankets, clothing, pillowcases, laundry bins, suitcases and more. It is better at protecting items than standard packing paper and newspaper print.

For instance, you can use T-shirts or pillowcases to wrap your plates before putting inside the box. Or you can use bed linens to secure your TV. Using these materials will also eliminate the need to pack them into another box. Thus, reducing the number of boxes you’ll need to package and helping you reduce expenses.

Strategically Organize your Boxes

Organizing your boxes when packing and moving is more than just labeling the boxes and its contents. It has to be a logical and clear system that allows you to know what’s in them, what room they are going to and how essential are its contents. To make it easier, divide the items according to their rooms, usefulness, and material. First, pack the items you rarely use.

Don’t mix items from different rooms in one box. Most of all, items of different types like ceramics and toys shouldn’t mix. And last but not least, stack them against the wall with the larger or heavier boxes on bottom, and lighter and more fragile above. This will help expedite your move.

Prepare the Parking Space

Whether you hire movers for packing and moving or just a truck, you should be aware that a truck requires a proper parking space. You don’t want to trouble your neighbors by blocking the driveway or causing unwanted traffic.

Also, it would take much of your precious time if the driver has to search for a suitable parking space first. Prepare a parking space in front of your house. If not possible, then it has to be at least nearby. Make sure it has been reserved days before the move to ensure it is available once the truck arrives.

Plan To Eat Delivery or Take-Out

During the move, you won’t have the energy or the time to clear your kitchen and prepare meals. Still, you’d need fuel to go through the day. If that is the case, then why not order delivery or takeaway. Some sandwiches, burritos, or pizza are always tasty choices.

Leave Time, Plan It Out, Get Ready Ahead & Enjoy Your New Home

Congratulations on your recently acquired home. Packing and moving your homes can be stressful, but don’t fret. You can always make the moving and packing easier with some of the tips above like hiring moving companies to help. With excellent planning and enough preparation, you can make any move go smoothly.