Moving your office space to a new location can be expensive but you can save a lot of money and avoid getting scammed, if you hire the right office movers.  You have a lot of options available to you, but you have to learn how to evaluate them properly to make the right choice.  Here are 4 steps to remember as you go through the hiring process for office moving companies in Denver Colorado.

1. Have Recommendations

The most important thing to do in the hiring process is to ask around for recommendations. You can ask your friends and co-workers if they have any ideas as to which Denver office moving companies to hire and, in some cases, avoid. Also, you can ask some real estate agents as some of them work closely with moving companies in some of their transactions. Once you have a list of prospective movers, you can now start looking at each individual mover to determine the quality of their work.

2. Get Some Estimates

Estimates are a good way of determining the spending cap you will have for your move. Though some office movers will have to charge you for cost estimates, most of them are minimal or, at best, free. A mover will calculate the estimated costs depending on the number of items in the office, their total weight and the distance to be travelled. When asking for an estimate, it is best that you just call one mover and settle with what they calculated. Also, never settle for a mover who gives you an estimate over the phone.

3. Show them Everything

In essence, you want everything in the office to be moved from small items, to documents and even large furniture. If the moving foreman sees that you have more items than what was originally estimated, he can either: a. charge you for a higher price or b. decide not to move the other stuff for you.

While the office movers are still doing their estimates, it would be a good idea to show them every item in the office. That way, they can have a better estimate for costs and can prepare accordingly. Also, this would be a good time to inform them of important details in your move like number of access ways in the new location, distance between the parking area  and office space, and valuable items in your office that need specialized packing.

4. Check if A Company’s Legit

Scams are commonplace even in the industry of moving services Denver. You can either find a mover with substandard practices or one with fluctuating service fees. Always check if the prospective office movers possess several qualities that prove they are legit. This will include a business permit, their ability to adhere to standards in the moving industry (like clear marking their vans), a reliable service fee calculation and the ability to provide moving insurance.

Your best source of information here will be the Federal Motor Carrier Safety or the Local Licensing Bureau. If your prospective office movers are recognized by these bodies, you can be most certain that your moving experience with them will stay relatively within your budget.